Monarch butterfly migrating population drops 27%, freak sleet storm to blame

Officials in Mexico announced Wednesday that the population of migrating Monarch butterflies dropped 27% this season, marking a setback in two consecutive years of growth from the historic low of 2014. A freak sleet storm gets the blame. Just last year, … Continue reading

Increased cash, awareness, rain, egg-laying: good news for 2015 Monarch butterfly migration

Monarch butterfly migration likely to be robust thanks to rain, fertile egg laying in the Midwest and raised public awareness. Continue reading

Tropical Milkweed OK for Monarch Butterflies, “Just Cut the Dang Stuff Down”

Debate continues: Tropical milkweed Ok for Monarch butterflies, “just cut the dang stuff down.” Continue reading

NYTimes, Commercial Butterfly Breeders Raise Awareness of OE to Help Monarchs

When it comes to Monarch butterflies, OE is not OK. The nasty spore can debilitate the migrating creatures. Continue reading