Monarch Migration Update: Lone “Cat” on Llano, Butterfly Cloud Spotted on Radar

Lonely caterpillar on the LLano, Butterfly cloud in St. Louis–the Monarch butterfly migration kicks into full swing. Continue reading

Butterfly Bookshelf: The Butterfly’s Daughter Tells Engaging Story of Monarch Migration Through Girls’ Road Trip

Who doesn’t love an all-girls’ road trip? In Mary Alice Monroe’s The Butterfly’s Daughter, four women take a trip that mirrors the flightpath of the Monarch butterfly. They experience growth, forgiveness and different kinds of ‘metamorphosis’ along the way. Continue reading

Sturdy Monarch Butterflies Set Sail from San Antonio to Mexico–Peak Monarch Migration Predicted for October 18

Who can resist the majesty of a newborn Monarch Butterfly?  Not me.  Every time I chance upon a pristine, perfectly formed Monarch butterfly waiting to make its mighty trek to the mountains of Michoacan, Mexico, it puts a smile on … Continue reading

Climate Change and the Monarch Butterfly Migration Symposium tackles tough questions

Climate change and the Monarch butterfly migration tackles tough questions with Dr. Katharine Hayhoe and citizen scientists Continue reading