Q & A: Edith Smith, Shady Oak Butterfly Farm, talks Endangered Species Act and More
| | | January 11, 2015

Q&A: Butterfly Breeder Edith Smith talks about Monarchs possible listing as threatened under the Endangered Species Act and more… Read More

Butterfly Farmer Edith Smith Keeps it All in the Family at Shady Oak Butterfly Farm
| | | June 30, 2013

Florida Butterfly Farmer Edith Smith generously shares her wisdom and keeps the business in the family at Shady Oak Butterfly Farm… Read More

Commercial butterfly breeders hunker down in wake of coronavirus
| | | April 14, 2020

Spring is typically a busy time for commercial butterfly breeders, the people who raise butterflies to sell for use at weddings, funerals, festivals, in museum exhibits and at other live events. But with social distancing and stay home/work safe quarantines … Read More

Study of “genetic franken monarchs” provokes online ire and debate
| | | July 2, 2019

A new study that suggests monarch butterflies fostered from the wild or cultivated by commercial breeders have trouble migrating and can exhibit unusual genetic traits hit the monarch butterfly community this week. The reaction has been intense. “Boy, you gotta … Read More

Monarch butterfly migrating population drops 27%, freak sleet storm to blame
| | | February 9, 2017

Officials in Mexico announced Wednesday that the population of migrating Monarch butterflies dropped 27% this season, marking a setback in two consecutive years of growth from the historic low of 2014. A freak sleet storm gets the blame. Just last year, … Read More

When aphids suck the life from your milkweed, here's how to safely get rid of them
| | | August 9, 2016

How aphids SUCK the life out of your milkweed and what you can do to get rid of them… Read More

Texas Comptroller's office provides update on Monarch butterfly research, ESA status
| | | December 18, 2015

Texas State Comptroller’s office gives update on Monarch butterfly research, endangered species listing… Read More

Guidance on milkweed management confuses butterfly gardeners
| | | November 24, 2015

Official guidance from scientists about what to do regarding late season milkweed is confusing gardeners.… Read More

Late season Monarch butterflies create gardening quandary
| | | November 12, 2015

Late season Monarch butterflies beg lots of questions about best practices for pollinator gardening.… Read More

Increased cash, awareness, rain, egg-laying: good news for 2015 Monarch butterfly migration
| | | August 25, 2015

Monarch butterfly migration likely to be robust thanks to rain, fertile egg laying in the Midwest and raised public awareness.… Read More

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