The Texas Butterfly Ranch results from a lifelong interest in the outdoors, and a more recent fascination with butterflies and their life cycle.

                                         Photo by Ken Rivard

Becoming a Master Gardener, managing a weekend ranch for wildlife, and discovering that our stretch of the Llano River lay in the path of the magnificent Monarch migration amplified my butterfly passion.  When I realized the pecan trees on our riverbanks of the Llano served as roost to thousands of Monarch butterflies each Fall, I was hooked.

What struck me most was that they had always been there, I just hadn’t noticed. Now, I do. I encourage readers to do the same.

Soon I was raising caterpillars in my yard and kitchen and researching host plants to add to my garden and the ranch.

People often ask:  So, where is the Texas Butterfly Ranch?

I like to say it’s a state of mind.  In my case, the geographic collective of Austin, San Antonio and the Hill Country.

On these pages we hope to educate, inspire and explore the life cycle we all share by focusing on butterflies in all their stages–from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly.  We’ll also look at host plants, because without them, the life cycle wouldn’t be possible. I wish for each reader that you witness the daily miracle of metamorphosis and the eclosure of a butterfly.  You will be forever touched.

Thanks for stopping by.   See you outside.