Caterpillar Question Mark Shirts

Our caterpillar question mark t-shirts are back by popular demand! This design is too great to not resurrect for our 2022 Monarch Butterfly and Pollinator Festival. It shows the whole lifecycle–caterpillar and chrysalis on the front, adult monarch butterfly on the back. The sleeve sports a discrete logo of our Festival.

If you want to stop traffic and project butterfly street cred, this shirt is for you.

These full color, two-sided Festival T-Shirts are $25, plus $6.50 postage and handling–$31.50 total. The artwork is anatomically correct.

100% Gilda ultra cotton.

Click on the size below to select your size.

Pollinator Habitat Sign

Pollinator Habitat Signs

Ready to do your part to help shelter the insect pollinators that make one of every three bites of the food we eat possible? Tequila, milk, orange juice, and coffee, too.

Help support these amazing creatures by planting your own pollinator habitat and educating the community with a yard sign. Our pollinator habitat yard sign includes a monarch butterfly, bumblebee and hummingbird, and serves as a badge of pride for your garden. It also conveys an educational message of pollinator advocacy to neighbors and passers-by.

The signs are 9”x12” and printed on sturdy, weather-proof aluminum. They can take the heat and extreme weather, mounted on a stake, hung on a wall, displayed in a window or wired to a fence. The sign has two holes for mounting; hardware not included.

Signs are $25, plus $6.50 postage and handling.  We pack and ship signs each Friday.

Want your pollinator habitat registered and added to our map? Sign up here.