Looking for pollinator plants for San Antonio’s Tricentennial Pollinator Habitat Challenge?

GardenstyleSA has an exhaustive list, curated specifically for San Antonio. Check it out here. 

Other useful resources:

San Antonio straddles several ecosystems and can benefit from multiple lists, thus, exceptionally useful are two plants lists from the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center, based 70 miles up the road in Austin.

Their list of   recommended pollinator plants of Central Texas includes 103 species, and their choices for South Texas add another 116 to the appropriate pollinator plant palette for our region.

Another great resource, especially for San Antonio: Plant a Butterfly Garden, assembled by botanist/horticulturist and Gardening Volunteers of South Texas icon Charles Bartlett. The handout lays out step-by-step what to do and how, which plants and where and everything in between.

The Pollinator Partnership, a pollinator advocacy organization based in San Francisco, offers regionalized plant guides, including one just for our part of the world, Selecting Plants for Pollinators in the Southwest. Their free and downloadable 24-page booklet does a fantastic job explaining the importance of pollinators while also recommending specific plant recommended specifically for our region.

The Xerces Society, an Oregon-based invertebrate advocacy organization, also has great  regionally curated plant lists. Texas belongs in the Southern Plains Region. The selected plants for our region are available in the three-page handout, with a chart

If you’re wondering about milkweed species, this article on Aslcepias curassavica for the Native Plant Society of Texas Magazine includes info about the pros and cons of planting nonnative milkweed.

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