Milkweed Patch on San Antonio Riverwalk: Romantic spot for "Butterfly Love"

Get a room! Two Monarch Butterflies can't resist the romance of the Riverwalk
We always knew that the San Antonio Riverwalk was an alluring spot for a getaway or weekend tryst.  But who would have thought even Monarch Butterflies found the place irresistibly romantic?
While tagging Monarch butterflies today on the San Antonio Riverwalk’s Urban Segment of the Museum Reach,  my husband and I nabbed two in the net.  Upon retrieving them we realized they were locked in a remarkable reproductive pose.  Guess
The Urban Segment of the San Antonio River's Museum Reach Extension provides excellent urban butterfly watching
“butterfly love” knows no bounds.
For urban butterfly lovers and Monarch taggers, make note that the Urban Segment of this Riverwalk extension is an excellent area for butterfly observation and even Monarch tagging.  The San Antonio River Authority has done a fantastic job installing stands of milkweed, lantana, and purple mist flower on the stretch of the river from Lexington Avenue to Josephine Street.  There’s even two parking lots that deliver you within a short walk of prime butterfly watching sites–one at the Pearl Brewery and the other on Josephine Street and Avenue B.
Grab your nets and binoculars.  We’ll see you there.

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