Butterfly lovers won’t want to miss tonight’s premiere of National Geographic’s Great Migrations, a seven-hour television series three years in the making and devoted to nature’s creatures who are constantly on the move in pursuit of food, shelter and mates.
The epic series, compared to the celebrated Planet Earth, premieres tonight at 7 PM on the National Geographic channel.  The first episode promises these four migratory portraits: “Sperm Whales traveling a million miles in a lifetime; Red Crabs overcoming horrific obstacles on a daily basis; Monarch Butterflies taking four generations to cross a continent; and Wildebeest, every year rising above the gaping jaws of ravenous crocodiles.”
National Geographic has set up webpages for each of the profiled species.  The Monarch butterfly page offers luscious video footage of the roosting site in the Mexican mountains in a two-minute segment titled “Butterfly Love.”
Bonus:  the series is narrated in the dreamy voice of Alec Baldwin.
For more details, consult your local TV listings or the National Geographic website.