Saving Texas Butterflies Highlighted by WFAA in Dallas

WFAA television in Dallas assembled a beautiful segment on the new National Butterfly Center in Mission.  The two-minute segment provides footage of the new facility and offers tips on how we can all pitch in to help save Texas butterflies.
You can view the clip here and get a taste of what’s in store in Mission.

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  1. Xy
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    One cannot profess to love butterflies and to want them to thrive and survive and at the same time thoughtlessly own and use, fund and support the wholesale destruction wrought by cell phone networks. One cannot hope to save anything and in the same breath continue to support or refuse to do everything possible to stop the wireless blanketing of the planet with life destroying telecom industry and smart grid microwaves.
    All navigational creatures are in decline as these artificial frequencies override and drown out the indispensable and magical magnetic lines of flux of the earth without which no biological navigational creature can survive.

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