Butterfly Plant Walk, Monarch Talk and Caterpillar Crawl to Kick off San Antonio Botanical Garden's Amazing Butterflies Exhibit

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The San Antonio Botanical Garden celebrates the whole life cycle with the aptly named “Amazing Butterflies” exhibit, an interactive nature maze created by London’s Natural History Museum in collaboration with Minotaur Mazes.   The exhibit kicks off this weekend with special events and will run through January 8, 2012.

Amazing Butterflies aims to give visitors a chance to experience the challenges of being a caterpillar by wandering through a nature maze of larger-than-life leaves, grass and trees before morphing into a butterfly. Enroute, participants learn how caterpillars move, what they eat and how other creatures help them during their life cycle. Ultimately, participants have the chance to flap their wings and even do a wacky dance–maybe like the one in the video above?  (Apologies to old friend Kim Wilson and the Fabulous Thunderbirds.)

“The timing of Amazing Butterflies couldn’t be better, since fall is when our local butterflies are most active and people can watch their magical life cycle unfold in their own backyards,” said Bob Brackman, executive director of the San Antonio Botanical Garden.  “And what a bonus that the fall is when the Monarch butterflies are migrating through San Antonio.”

Of course, you don’t have to convince the Texas Butterfly Ranch that butterflies are amazing.  We know it.  That’s why I’ve signed up to talk about Milkweed, Monarchs, Migrations and More* at 11 AM on Saturday at the exhibit.  Hope to see you there.

Opening weekend activities run 10 am – 2 pm this Saturday and Sunday and include butterfly workshops for children and adults, children’s arts and craft activities, live butterfly tent, and more. The Austin Bike Zoo will make an appearance with their much lauded amazing butterfly bicycles, offering rides and fun.

10:00 am Butterflies & Plants Walk
Patty Leslie Pasztor, Naturalist & Horticulturist
Wisteria Arbor
11:00 am Milkweed, Monarchs, Migration & More
Monika Maeckle, Texas Butterfly Ranch
Auld House
11:00 am  Storytime: Emily’s Butterfly Bouquet
Children’s author Kathy Luders. Book signing until 1 PM
Auld House Patio
1:00 pm Build it and They Will Come
Norman Winters, Executive Director, NABA National Butterfly Center
Auld House
10:00 am Butterfly Gardening
Diane Lewis, Horticulturist
Auld House
11:00 am  Storytime: Emily’s Butterfly Bouquet
Children’s author Kathy Luders. Book signing until 1 PM
Auld House Patio
1:00 pm Build it and They Will Come
Norman Winters, Executive Director, NABA National Butterfly Center
Auld House

*If the Monarchs are out, we’ll do a demonstration on how to tag them.  Join us!

The San Antonio Botanical Garden is located at  555 Funston Avenue in San Antonio, TX  78209.  Amazing Butterflies exhibit continues through January 8, 2012.  Access to the exhibit is free with paid admission to the San Antonio Botanical Garden–$8 for adults; $6 for students, seniors, and military; and $5 for children age 3-13. Botanical Society members enjoy free admission.



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