More great ideas from California:   tips for planting milkweed to lure Monarch butterflies to your garden.  California has a separate Monarch butterfly population that migrates up and down the California coast–a different crew from the ones we see here in Texas.  That said, the insights from the above referenced Los Angeles Times piece translate well to Texas.

Monarch butterfly, tagged, lights on tropical milkweed, Asclepias curassavica

Take a look.

We’re so lucky in Texas to reside on the Monarch flyway.  The Monarch butterflies East of the Rocky Mountains grace us with their presence each spring and fall as they migrate between Mexico and Canada.  Why not help these gorgeous creatures by creating a nectaring and host plant rest stop for them to take a break from their long journey?
It’s not too late for seed.  You can also propagate milkweed from cuttings.  I like a mix of compost, soil, and vermiculite with a tad of perlite thrown in.  Give it a shot–and let us know how it goes by leaving a comment here.
A reader suggested we consider seed infused paper–wildflower seed mixed into paper pulp, another idea worth exploring.  If any of you have tried this, please share.