This excellent coverage of the state of the Monarch butterfly migration ran on CBS news March 25  and featured our friend, Bill Toone of the Ecolife Foundation.  Bill was visiting the preserves at the same time we paid our respects earlier this month.  On our last day there, Bill gave the interview you see in the video clip.

Monarch butterfly in MIchoacan, Mexico

Monarch butterflies making “colorful comeback”

While the news item was generally positive, Bill pointed out how important it is to put this “comeback” in perspective, since last year was the worst year on record for butterfly counts.
According to the CBS report, 140 million acres of milkweed, the Monarch’s breeding habitat, have been destroyed in the last 16 years.  That’s an area three times the size of Illinois.   Statistics like these make us even more impressed with the Monarch’s resilience and tenacity.
Makes me want to go out and plant more milkweed.