We’ve been working with our community collaborators to execute San Antonio’s 300for300 pollinator habitat initiative, announced earlier this spring. And yes, we’re a little behind–but then a garden is a process, not a project, right?

So far, 48 pollinator gardeners have signed up to install a garden/habitat/pitstop where bees, butterflies, birds and other creature pollinators can rest, refuel and reproduce. That gets us 1/6th of the way toward our goal of creating 300 new pollinator gardens–30 in each of San Antonio’s 10 City Council Districts–in honor of San Antonio’s 300th birthday.

Yard sign Number ONE. LIke it? Click on the picture, we’ll count your vote.

Yard sign Number TWO. LIke it? Click on the picture, we’ll count your vote.

Here’s the current tally of pollinator habitat sign-ups by district:

District 1- 15

District 2 – 9

District 3 -3

District 4 – 0

District 5 – 1

District 6 – 1

District 7 – 4

District 8 – 9

District 9 – 4

District 10 – 1

TOTAL – 48

Yard sign Number THREE. LIke it? Click on the picture, we’ll count your vote.

We asked our designer, Kevin Bowen of iambowen.com to use some of the graphics from our wildly successful Monarch Butterfly and Pollinator Festival, which is slated to return this fall, October 19 -21. We requested the sign be distinctive, beautiful, and educational–and that a passerby be able to read it from the street.

While yard signs serve as statements of purpose, we hope that these will educate the community about WHY the pollinator garden might appear “messy” at certain times of the year. A successful pollinator garden requires letting dead flowers go to seed to plant next year’s round of wildflowers. Also, dead stalks and leaves provide important refuge and shelter for overwintering bugs, birds and others. To have a sign in the location that specifies it as a “pollinator habitat” educates the community, helping people understand the method to the apparent madness.

Please vote for your favorite sign by clicking on the preferred version above. We’ll factor that into our decision-making before we invest in their production.

Ready to sign up to create a pollinator habitat? Here’s the link. The birds, bees and butterflies will thank you.

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