Milkweed Guide: Choose Best Plants for Monarch Butterflies

Central and South Texas Gardeners’ Guide to Milkweed Selection. With Texas as the most important state to the Monarch Butterfly migration, choosing the best plants for Monarch Butterflies is our responsibility. … Read More

Monarch Butterfly Caterpillars and Eggs Can Be Just as Intriguing as the Butterflies

Monarch eggs, caterpillars and butterflies–oh my! Kids love to look for, find and observe the whole life cycle. Tips on where to find Monarch butterfly eggs and caterpillars as the great Monarch butterfly migration continues.… Read More

How to tell the Difference between Future Monarch Butterflies and Future Queen Butterflies, Part II

As mentioned in a previous post, one way to tell future Queen butterflies from Monarch butterflies-to-be is to observe them in the caterpillar stage.  Queens have three sets of antennae-like protuberances, while Monarchs have two. I say “antennae-like” because my … Read More

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