Monarch Butterflies Mating in Flight Demonstrate Amazing Insect Stamina

Monarch butterflies churn the butterfly love butter for 24 hours straight. Talk about stamina! And you thought they only conserved their energy to make the 3000-mile migration from Canada to Mexico….… Read More

National Butterfly Center to Eclose this Week, National Butterfly Association Biennial Meeting to Follow

Butterfly Enthusiasts to Gather in Mission, Texas for Biennial North American Butterfly Association Meeting, as National Butterfly Center Set to Eclose this week… Read More

Monarch Butterfly Caterpillars and Eggs Can Be Just as Intriguing as the Butterflies

Monarch eggs, caterpillars and butterflies–oh my! Kids love to look for, find and observe the whole life cycle. Tips on where to find Monarch butterfly eggs and caterpillars as the great Monarch butterfly migration continues.… Read More

Pollinators Gone Wild: 32 Monarch Butterflies Tagged as Predators Make for a Dangerous World for Butterflies

The dangerous world of butterflies: pollinators galore prove irresistible to predators as Monarch butterflies make their southward migration along the Llano River in the Texas Hill Country.… Read More

Austin's Bill Calvert, Monarch Butterfly Expert: "They've made their way into the hearts of people"

Thought I’d share this article from the Bar Harbor Times of Maine where Monarch butterfly expert Bill Calvert of Austin, Texas spends his summers.  The photos in the article alone are worth the click-through. For those of us who’ve read … Read More

How to tell the Difference between Future Monarch Butterflies and Future Queen Butterflies, Part II

As mentioned in a previous post, one way to tell future Queen butterflies from Monarch butterflies-to-be is to observe them in the caterpillar stage.  Queens have three sets of antennae-like protuberances, while Monarchs have two. I say “antennae-like” because my … Read More

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