Here They Come! Monarch Butterflies Headed our Way in Promising Rebound Season
| | | August 29, 2014

The Monarch butterfly migration began in mid August. The progeny of butterflies that left the forests of Mexico in March have reproduced several times on their multi-generational journey north to Canada, and are now turning their attention south, as they … Read More

2014 Monarch Butterfly Migration: Worst in History or a Hopeful Rebound?
| | | July 29, 2014

Monarch butterfly migration in 2014: Another worst year in history or hopeful rebound:… Read More

Right on time: First of Season Monarchs Arrive in San Antonio
| | | March 23, 2014

Here they come! Monarch butterflies are heading our way on their multigenerational journey north, desperately seeking milkweed so they can lay their eggs… Read More

Wake-up Call: As Monarch Butterfly Numbers Plummet, will their Migration become Extinct?
| | | February 8, 2014

Pollinator devastation: rapid, severe Monarch butterfly migration decline a wake-up call … Read More

Lots of Butterflies, but No Monarchs on the Llano River this Weekend
| | | October 28, 2013

No Monarchs on the Llano River this weekend. A disappointing end to a dreary season.… Read More

San Antonio Butterfly Fans, Join us Monday for How to Tag a Monarch Butterfly
| | | October 20, 2013

San Antonio butterfly buffs: joins us at the Rivard Report’s Something Monday event, How to Tag a Monarch butterfly… Read More

Don't Miss a (Butterfly) Beat: How to Track the Monarch Butterfly Migration from your Desk
| | | September 29, 2013

Don’t miss a (butterfly) beat! Here’s how to track the Monarch butterfly migration from your desk. … Read More

Fall Equinox Kicks Off Meager Monarch Butterfly Migration
| | | September 21, 2013

Fall Equinox today kicks off what looks to be a meager Monarch butterfly migration. But they might surprise us. … Read More

Monarch Butterfly Google Earth Tour Marries Epic Journey With Epic Technology
| | | June 6, 2013

Epic technology PLUS epic migration journey EQUALS Monarch Butterfly Google Earth Tour.… Read More

Monarch Butterflies: the Panda Bears of Climate Change?
| | | November 21, 2012

Will Monarch butterflies become the “poster species” of climate change? They’re getting alot of press lately with their own 3-D IMAX film, a novel by Barbara Kingsolver, and companies like Southwest Airlines pouncing on PR opportunities that showcase the plight of the Monarch butterfly migration.… Read More

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