2014 Monarch Butterfly Migration: Worst in History or a Hopeful Rebound?
| | | July 29, 2014

Monarch butterfly migration in 2014: Another worst year in history or hopeful rebound:… Read More

Right on time: First of Season Monarchs Arrive in San Antonio
| | | March 23, 2014

Here they come! Monarch butterflies are heading our way on their multigenerational journey north, desperately seeking milkweed so they can lay their eggs… Read More

Wake-up Call: As Monarch Butterfly Numbers Plummet, will their Migration become Extinct?
| | | February 8, 2014

Pollinator devastation: rapid, severe Monarch butterfly migration decline a wake-up call … Read More

Lots of Butterflies, but No Monarchs on the Llano River this Weekend
| | | October 28, 2013

No Monarchs on the Llano River this weekend. A disappointing end to a dreary season.… Read More

San Antonio Butterfly Fans, Join us Monday for How to Tag a Monarch Butterfly
| | | October 20, 2013

San Antonio butterfly buffs: joins us at the Rivard Report’s Something Monday event, How to Tag a Monarch butterfly… Read More

Don't Miss a (Butterfly) Beat: How to Track the Monarch Butterfly Migration from your Desk
| | | September 29, 2013

Don’t miss a (butterfly) beat! Here’s how to track the Monarch butterfly migration from your desk. … Read More

Fall Equinox Kicks Off Meager Monarch Butterfly Migration
| | | September 21, 2013

Fall Equinox today kicks off what looks to be a meager Monarch butterfly migration. But they might surprise us. … Read More

Monarch Butterfly Google Earth Tour Marries Epic Journey With Epic Technology
| | | June 6, 2013

Epic technology PLUS epic migration journey EQUALS Monarch Butterfly Google Earth Tour.… Read More

Monarch Butterflies: the Panda Bears of Climate Change?
| | | November 21, 2012

Will Monarch butterflies become the “poster species” of climate change? They’re getting alot of press lately with their own 3-D IMAX film, a novel by Barbara Kingsolver, and companies like Southwest Airlines pouncing on PR opportunities that showcase the plight of the Monarch butterfly migration.… Read More

Could 2012 be the Worst Year in Monarch Butterfly Migration History?
| | | September 17, 2012

A challenging year for the Monarch Butterfly migration gets even worse on the Llano River as dropped water tables and lack of or ill-timed rains kill the usual nectar sources that fuel the insects on the annual migration. Could this be the worst year in Monarch butterfly migration history?… Read More

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