Monarch Caterpillars Have Supersized Appetites, Eat 200X their Weight in Milkweed Leaves

According to Monarch Watch, the citizen scientist program that monitors the Monarch butterfly migration and started the tagging program, monarch caterpillars consume 200x their birthweight in milkweed leaves in about a two-week period. Commercial butterfly breeders suggest that a single caterpillar can easily decimate an entire one-gallon milkweed plant--175 leaves per caterpillar. Of course, it depends on the milkweed you supply. Our native Texas milkweed, Antelope Horns, Asclepias asperula, is much heftier than the Tropical Milkweed, Asclepias curassavica, found in nuseries right now--like a beef steak compared to lettuce. Yet, when the Monarchs are flying, any milkweed is better than none. Sound impossible? Watch the video.

Monarch Butterflies Arriving Soon from Mexico, But Who’s Got Milkweed? Fortunately Some Local Nurseries Have It in Stock

Millions of Monarch butterflies are heading to Texas for Spring Break, but who's got milkweed for them to host and nectar on? Fortunately, some local nurseries have "got milkweed" in stock.

Monarch Butterflies: Where’s My Milkweed? NPSOT Program to Address Milkweed Shortage Tied to Brutal Winter

Where's the milkweed? Monarch butterflies will be arriving soon and the Boerne chapter of NPSOT will stage a free milkweed workshop next Tuesday. Let's get our gardens ready this spring and put out a welcome mat for migrating Monarch butterflies

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