Happy Equinox, ya'll: here's how to track the Monarch migration from your desk
| | | September 22, 2017

Happy Equinox, ya’ll. Monarch butterflies heading our way, respond to cues from sun.… Read More

Butterflies without Borders: the Monarch Migration and our Changing Climate

BUTTERFLIES WITHOUT BORDERS SYMPOSIUM The Monarch Migration in our Changing Climate                                                 October 20th, 7PM- 9PM, Pearl Stable   … Read More

Monarch migration update: winds from south, hot temps stall butterflies on Llano River
| | | October 16, 2016

Monarch butterflies stalled on Llano River by wind gusts from the south.… Read More

Monarch Migration Update: Lone “Cat” on Llano, Butterfly Cloud Spotted on Radar
| | | September 29, 2014

Lonely caterpillar on the LLano, Butterfly cloud in St. Louis–the Monarch butterfly migration kicks into full swing.… Read More

Butterfly Bookshelf: The Butterfly's Daughter Tells Engaging Story of Monarch Migration Through Girls' Road Trip
| | | June 9, 2011

Who doesn’t love an all-girls’ road trip? In Mary Alice Monroe’s The Butterfly’s Daughter, four women take a trip that mirrors the flightpath of the Monarch butterfly. They experience growth, forgiveness and different kinds of ‘metamorphosis’ along the way.… Read More

Monarch Migration Update: Butterflies on the Move in Central and South Texas, Some Laying Eggs Along the Way
| | | October 17, 2010

Monarch Migration in progress. Peak may be past, but we may get a second wave. Meanwhile, some Monarch butterflies leave eggs in their wake.… Read More

Sturdy Monarch Butterflies Set Sail from San Antonio to Mexico–Peak Monarch Migration Predicted for October 18
| | | August 10, 2010

Who can resist the majesty of a newborn Monarch Butterfly?  Not me.  Every time I chance upon a pristine, perfectly formed Monarch butterfly waiting to make its mighty trek to the mountains of Michoacan, Mexico, it puts a smile on … Read More

Monarch butterfly numbers drop 53% as spring migration begins
| | | March 17, 2020

One group of travelers not canceling their flight plans this spring: monarch butterflies. That said, the migratory population currently heading north from their winter roosts in Mexico will be 53% smaller than last year. The World Wildlife Fund Mexico (WWF) … Read More

Ecologist and monarch butterfly and migration expert, Dara Satterfield, PhD

Monarch butterfly expert and and AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow Dara Satterfield will visit San Antonio this fall for the 2019 Monarch Butterfly and Pollinator Festival. Satterfield, an authority on insect ecology and migration, will lead a workshop on … Read More

Q&A: Migration expert Andy Davis says for monarchs, it’s “survival of the biggest”
| | | April 4, 2019

Migration studies expert Andy Davis sometimes finds himself at odds with the running narrative of the monarch butterfly migration. Davis, a research scientist in the University of Georgia Odum School of Ecology, specializes in conservation physiology, a developing field that … Read More

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