Could 2012 be the Worst Year in Monarch Butterfly Migration History?
| | | September 17, 2012

A challenging year for the Monarch Butterfly migration gets even worse on the Llano River as dropped water tables and lack of or ill-timed rains kill the usual nectar sources that fuel the insects on the annual migration. Could this be the worst year in Monarch butterfly migration history?… Read More

Butterfly FAQ: How to Tag A Monarch Butterfly in Six Easy Steps
| | | September 4, 2012

Ever wonder how to tag a Monarch butterfly? Here’s how to do it in six easy steps.… Read More

Illegal Logging "Stopped," but Climate Change, Aerial Insecticides Spell Challenges for Monarch Butterflies
| | | August 17, 2012

Monarch butterflies get a break in Mexico as illegal logging seems to be under control. But in the U.S., they face drought, climate change, wildfires and now, aerial insect ides being sprayed in Dallas to combat West Nile virus carried by mosquitos. … Read More

Number of Monarch Butterflies Down as They Leave Michoacan and Head through Texas
| | | March 17, 2012

Monarch butterfly good news and bad news. Bad news first: numbers are down 28 percent this year. Good news: they’re making their way through Texas, sipping nectar and laying eggs. And a bounty of wildflowers awaits them to get the migration off to a good start.… Read More

"Plant Lady" Lee Marlowe, Guardian of San Antonio River Riparian Restoration, Names Top 10 Troublesome Plants
| | | January 21, 2012

A talk with “the Plant Lady,” Lee Marlowe, of the San Antonio River Authority and Guaurdian of its restoration. Lee shares her Top 10 Most Troublesome plants.… Read More

Butterfly Predictions 2012: Historic Low Monarch counts, Wildflower Bounty, Butterflies Year-Round, a Blow For GMOs
| | | January 1, 2012

Four butterfly predictions for 2012: Historic low Monarch counts at the roosting spots, bounty of wildflowers in Texas, year-round butterflies and outsmarted GMOs (genetically modified organisms)… Read More

San Antonio River Walk Boasts Vibrant "Butterfly City" Along Museum Reach as Butterfly Wildscape Matures
| | | December 9, 2011

The Museum Reach of San Antonio’s famous River Walk sports a vibrant “butterfly city” and well-researched inspiration for those planning a butterfly garden at home or a butterfly wildscape. The improvements bode well for more butterflies flying in San Antonio and South Texas.… Read More

How Does the Migrating Monarch Butterfly Population Look This Year? Grim, thanks to Drought, Wildfires and Herbicides
| | | August 16, 2011

What’s in store for Texas’ Monarch butterfly migration this year? The outlook is grim, with drought, fires, and herbicide tolerant crops making for a challenging season and lower numbers. Still, Monarchs MUST fly through Texas to get to Mexico. Which route will they choose–Hill Country or the Coast? … Read More

Native Plant Sales, Butterfly Events Slated for This Weekend and Beyond
| | | April 8, 2011

Native plant sales and how to raise a caterpillar workshops among butterfly events slated for April in Central and South Texas.… Read More

Monarch Watch Announces Landscape Restoration Program to Bring Back Monarch Butterflies
| | | October 30, 2010

Nationwide landscape restoration initiative aims to plant milkweed and “Bring Back the Monarchs.” Butterflies to benefit big time.… Read More

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