Q & A: Seed-balls.com founder says “throw and grow” gardening often doesn’t work

The truth about seed balls: they don't always germinate, but they engage people on many levels. Plus, they're fun to make.

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Got Milkweed? Updated Plant Guide for Central and South Texas

Our first Milkweed Guide posted back in the fall [...]

In the Butterfly Garden: Time to Harvest Sunflower Seeds, Here’s How to Do it

Sunflowers, great for the butterfly garden, are prolific with flowers and later seeds. Yours are probably hanging their heads by now. Here's how to harvest the sunflower seeds for your bird feeder, a protein-rich snack, or to plant next year.

In the Butterfly Garden, Part II: Transplants and Seedlings to Make a Vibrant Butterfly Garden in Downtown San Antonio

The turf-to-bed conversion continues as we begin to transform a drought-damaged downtown San Antonio yard into a butterfly garden. Favorite host plants will be transplanted from Austin, we'll buy several new plants in the spring and plan our seedling strategy for early January. Read all about it, and let us know if you have questions.

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