Banner year for monarch butterfly migration? Texas Hill Country ready
| | | September 6, 2018

The 2018 monarch butterfly migration is off to a great start. Members of the DPLEX, an email listserv and online community that includes hundreds of monarch butterfly aficionados throughout Canada and the U.S., have begun the annual frenetic email exchange launched by … Read More

Snout-nosed butterfly population surges in South Texas following recent rains
| | | August 3, 2018

Monarch butterflies will be moving through the Texas Funnel soon, but in the meantime, another orange-and-black butterfly has arrived in droves. The American Snout butterfly, Libytheana carinenta, has been moving up the IH-35 pollinator corridor, clogging windshields and car grills along the way. … Read More

Here they come! Texas Hill Country ready for robust Monarch butterfly migration
| | | September 4, 2017

Stands of flowering milkweed and late summer flowers await migrating Monarch butterflies in the Texas Hill Country this season. The iconic black and orange butterflies are projected to arrive here in about six weeks. Every year around Labor Day, we … Read More

McAllen, Texas becomes second NWF Monarch Butterfly Champion City
| | | September 20, 2016

McAllen, Texas follows San Antonio to become second National Wildlife Federation Monarch butterfly Champion City… Read More

Invasion of Snout-nosed butterflies returns to Central and South Texas
| | | September 10, 2016

No, they’re not Monarchs. Invasion of snout #butterflies returns to Texas.… Read More

Texas brakes for butterflies: "Monarch Highway" comes to IH35
| | | June 17, 2016

Texas brakes for butterflies: Fasten your seatbelt for the Monarch Highway coming to IH35… Read More

Texas Comptroller's office provides update on Monarch butterfly research, ESA status
| | | December 18, 2015

Texas State Comptroller’s office gives update on Monarch butterfly research, endangered species listing… Read More

$300K Grant Awarded to UTSA to Study Monarch Butterfly, Inventory Texas Milkweeds
| | | June 26, 2015

San ANtonio’s UTSA receives $300K grant to study Monarch butterflies and native Texas milkweeds.… Read More

Migrating Monarch Butterflies Stymied by Wind, Storms in Texas Hill Country
| | | October 15, 2014

Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Monarch butterflies clustered along the Llano River this weekend, clinging to pecan tree branches as strong winds from the south kept them in place, temporarily halting their journey south toward Mexico and making easy work for … Read More

Monarch Tagged With Dr. Lincoln Brower in 2011 Texas Drought Recovered at El Rosario
| | | March 23, 2013

Are these insects resilient or what? A Monarch tagged with Dr. Lincoln Brower in the drought of 2011 in the Texas Hill Country was recently recovered in Michoacan and reported to Monarch Watch.… Read More

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