Butterfly FAQ: Pros and Cons of Tropical Milkweed and What to do with a Winter Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar or Chrysalis

Butterfly FAQs today: What to do with late season Monarch caterpillars you find this winter? And, some thoughts on the pros and cons of Tropical milkweed, that hearty, ubiquitous Monarch butterfly host plant.

Butterfly Plant Walk, Monarch Talk and Caterpillar Crawl to Kick off San Antonio Botanical Garden’s Amazing Butterflies Exhibit

A Monarch walk, a caterpillar crawl, storytime, butterfly plant tour and gardening tips--it's all at the San Antonio Botanical Garden's opening weekend celebration of Amazing Butterflies. Come join me and other butterfly ambassadors and find your way through the Nature maze to learn the whole life cycle.

Beating the Bushes Takes On New Meaning After Caterpillar Crawl and Lecture by the Effusive Dr. David L. Wagner

On the conseqence of caterpillars, Dr. David L. Wagner sings their praises--food source for birds and mammals, flavor agent in our favorite foods, and essential threads in our wildscapes.

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